Daily Archives: February 6, 2021

WW2 German Helmet M35 Original


Original WW2 German M35 reissue Helmet. This helmet was reissued at some point during WW2 and given a thick coat of dark green paint. The helmet comes with its original liner which is in nice condition and has the soldiers name written on it and size 55. The markings inside the rim of the helmet [Continue]

Ww2 German Reversible Camouflage Helmet Cover For Army & Elite Wwii Units Orig


This cover features heavy old cloth fabric construction with loops for additional camouflage on front, back, top and on both sides. Drawstring along side of cover, which we believe, may actually be the original drawstring. Reversible with tan solid color cloth on the inside and camouflage pattern outside. Very rare item to find and believed [Continue]