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This is a fine World War II German Model 1940 Army Helmet that is in very good condition. The exterior of the shell is with the original dark gray/green painted finished. The interior of the left-hand skirt is marked with the manufactures code, Q for the firm of F. Quist Metallwarenfabrik in Esslingen and the [Continue]

WWII Era German Army M1935 M35 Stahlheime Steel Helmet withLiner Ring Original


WWII Era German Army M35, M1935 Stahlheime Helmet w/Liner Ring – Original – Nice Condition. The helmet includes the liner ring with the felt padding and chin strap bales. There are no visible size markings on the helmet. There is rusting on the interior of the shell. No dings or dents on the exterior. I [Continue]

WW2 German Combat Helmet. M42. Elite Units. Complete withLiner. Size 64/56. Orig


For sale original German combat helmet M42, sd, for elite units, complete with the liner. It is covered with the utility bread strap for additional camouflaged purpose to attach leaves and branches. It is marked on the back of the rim with maker/size hkp64? Not sure, hard to read and batch number (3428). The leather [Continue]

Original German WWII M35 Steel Helmet, E. F. 66 21581, Good Condition withLiner

Authentic, Original German WWII M35 Steel Helmet, E. 66; 21581, Good Condition w/Liner. This helmet was brought back from WWII by a family member, and it has been in the family since 1945. The helmet is in good condition with no dents or holes, and it has the original pigskin liner. The string is not [Continue]