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Very Good WW2 German M35 Steel Helmet Field Gray Best Replica Helmets New


The helmet is a high quality reproduction of the famous German WW II steel helmet M-35made from 18 strong steel, have all the correct fittings and have a superb oxhide lineralloy inside track and chin strap. Size approx 58-60cm, and adjustable chinstrap. Steel Helmet Shell is in superb condition. The item “Very Good WW2 German [Continue]

Very nice WW2 German M1940 SD Army tropical DAK camo helmet, SE64, Lot Nr. 446


M40 SD Heer tropical camo, SE64, Lot Nr. Nice M40 SD tropical camo helmet. The shell is a SE64, Lot Nr. 446, feldgrau finish is wartime painted with tan desert camo paint, some of which has worn away, exposing the feldgrau. The zinc-coated, unreinforced steel M31 liner band is not marked. Leather pigskin liner pads [Continue]

Very Beautiful W-Camo Rare Massive Quality German WW2 M-35 Helmet Mark NS64 B3


German Original ww2 helmet – very good old condition – charming old aging wholes and battle signs, simply wonderful, amazing just one piece giveaway for collector, these piece of history tell his own story, not wait otherwise somebody else get it – no doubt – maybe a crown of any good collection. Try to get [Continue]

Very Rare German Helmet Mold M 40 Model Wwi Wwii Wooden Original, See Details

Here, on a table set up outside a steel helmet factory in Lubeck, Germany, a display is set up, showing the varying stages of the helmet-making process for Stahlhelms for the Imperial German Army. VERY RARE MOLD OF GERMAN MODEL M 40 WWI – WWII MODEL. IF YOU WANT ANY ITEMS FROM SPAIN. FURNITURES, ANTIQUES, [Continue]