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Original German WW2 M42 Helmet (Restored) Huge Perfect 68 Shell 60 Liner ET68


Late-war, German M42 helmet. Completely restored with a very lightly textured, field-gray finish and quality, imported leather liner. The heat stampings are nice and crisp. ET68 with a lot# of 2202. The shell is in perfect condition and is very heavy. It’s completely free of pitting. There was no damage repaired, no putty needed anywhere. [Continue]

An original WW2 German helmet net


This is a textbook original WW2 German helmet net. The Germans made only one style of these; although they came in different colors. The cord are made from strands of natural Jute material. Not Hemp and not what modern twine is made from. This net has its original circumferential drawstring intertwined into the mesh and [Continue]

Original German Helmet M40 Relic of Battlefield WW2 World War 2


Original German Steel Helmet Stahlhelm M40 Relic of Battlefield WW2 World War2. The Helmet M40 was found on the Battlefield of East Front. The condition of the helmet is on the photos – see all photos carefully. Dimensions: 285/235/150 mm – 11.2/9.2/5.9in. Diameter – 650mm/25.9 in. Weight is 1.170kg/2.6lb. If you need more pictures, ask!