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WW2 German LUFTWAFFE Pendant HELMET Junkers WWII Wehrmacht Handmade Battlefield


This handmade pendant is a unique piece of history from World War II, specifically from the Luftwaffe branch of the German military. The pendant features a helmet design and was likely used by soldiers during battle. It is an original item and a great addition to any militaria collection. The pendant was manufactured in Germany [Continue]

Reproduction WW2 German M40 Steel Helmet With Leather Liner Army Stalhelm


WW2 German M40 Helmet. Excellent Reproductions of the WW2 German M40 Helmet (Stahlhelm) and Liner. These reproductions are made from a tough steel and have a quality leather strap. The primary change from the M35 Helmets were to stamp the ventilator hole mounts directly onto the shell, rather than separate fittings. The side air vents [Continue]