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Antique rare WW2 German Troops Original M-42 Helmet marked NS06 a. Numbered 3781


Good antique condition of original massive iconic ww2 helmet found in germany – hard to get good quality piece of history. German ww2 massive helmet. Very good old Helmet- simply wonderful, amazing just one piece giveaway with distinctive shape for collectors, these piece of history tell his own story, not wait otherwise somebody else get [Continue]

Antique WWII German Bulgarian LUFTSCHUTZ GLADIATOR HELMET Three Pieces M-44 1936

Ladies and Gentleman , we are pleased to offer you. Antique and rare German Luftschutz Helmet M-44 1936. The so-called ” Gladiator ” type helmet, was used during the WWII. These helmets have been produced in Germany and designed to be used in the Bulgarian Anti Air and Chemical Defense. Few of them used also [Continue]