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Stamped M16 German Camo Helmet with Liner Chinstrap WW1 WW2 Badge Medal Pin Hat


Interesting Original M16 German Camo Helmet that has Normandy Camo Colors that was probably used in both WW1 & WW2. It has it’s Original leather liner & Chin Strap. It’s stamped in 2 places on inside of Helmet Q66 for F. Quist, Esslingen/Neckar on side & Lot# R6????? That is very hard to read all [Continue]

Stamped M42 German SD Camo Helmet Liner Chin Strap Military WW2 Badge Medal Pin


Stamped M42 German SD Luftwaffe Helmet having Chicken wire for Camo purposes. It has a stamped Lot#4704 & stamped size#64 (Extremely hard to read stamps in front of the 64). Has Leather Liner (Stamped 56) & Stamped Chin Strap. See pictures for details. Nice Stamped M42 German SD Luftwaffe Helmet for that Historical Collector. Age: [Continue]