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Ww2 German Model 1935 Double Decal Heer Army Helmet Et68 Large Size Chinstrap


Offered is an original Model 1935 German Army steel helmet. Good large size steel shell, sized 68, retaining the original apple green paint, with an overpainted secondary wartime field grey paint scheme, most likely mid war painted. 90% outer paint remains, with some scratches & wear and tear commensurate with age and use (no dents [Continue]

Camouflage Helmets Of The Wehrmacht Vol. 1 German Ww2 Stahlhelm Reference Book


The world had never seen an army like the German army of WW2; as Winston Churchill once said, “If it is to live in peace it must never see another”. Nothing symbolized the hard fighting soldier of the Third Reich more than the iconic “stahlhelm”, with its distinctive, sinister profile. As the war progressed and [Continue]