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WWII German Kriegsmarine M40 Helmet Atlantic Wall D-Day Utah Beach Crisbecq Gun


WWII German Kriegsmarine M40 Helmet Atlantic Wall D-Day Utah Beach Crisbecq Battery Pillbox R683 Skoda 210mm Coastal Gun – Garrison. Normandy, France – Artifact Recovered by Curatorial Staff of the Crisbecq Battery Museum on explorations of the Pillbox R683 in 2017. The curator of the museum granted us special permission to take the items from [Continue]

Original WW-II German MA Helmet Shell Found Above UK’s D-Day 1944’Gold’ Beach


A great example of a June 6th 1944. German relic in the shape of an. 42 Marineartillerie Coastal Artillery Helmet Shell. As recovered from deep hedgerows above the. British’Gold’ D-Day Invasion beach on the Normandy beachhead. D-Day hunters’ in 2013. Solid & somewhat heavy shell with no rust holes. All three pins & its helmet [Continue]

WWII 4th Infantry CPL. Jasko Utah Beach D-Day Captured 709th German Helmet Relic


Jasko Utah Beach Normandy Captured 709th Infantry German Helmet Relic. William Jasko of Mountainside New Jersey served his country during WWII in the 4th Infantry Division and was a member of one of the first US infantry units to attack the German on Utah Beach during the D-Day invasion. Jasko later went on to serve [Continue]

ORIGINAL WWII German M35 Army Helmet Normandy D-Day Camouflage NS62 Souvenir

Original M35 German Army Normandy camouflage souvenir helmet. According to the experts, this is a war. Time textured Normandy-style repaint with hand traced G. Paint superimposed on the Army eagle. There is a h. And-painted notation on front of helmet, “Normandie, France, “D day. The paint has some faint shades of amber and burgundy colors, [Continue]