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WWII 66th Infantry Captured Northern France Mailed German M40 Camo Helmet Relic


66th Infantry Division Soldier Northern France Mailed German Combat M40 Camouflage helmet. The M40 was produced from 1940 until mid-1942 (with the exception of the Quist factory) and as can be seen, the air vents are pressed into the sides of the shell during the manufacturing process. The helmet for sale was mailed back by [Continue]

WWII 4th Infantry CPL. Jasko Utah Beach D-Day Captured 709th German Helmet Relic


Jasko Utah Beach Normandy Captured 709th Infantry German Helmet Relic. William Jasko of Mountainside New Jersey served his country during WWII in the 4th Infantry Division and was a member of one of the first US infantry units to attack the German on Utah Beach during the D-Day invasion. Jasko later went on to serve [Continue]